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Mental Health Counseling

Life can be busy and stressful, but therapy should be easily accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Telehealth allows you to heal within the comfort of your own space. 

Kelly is licensed in the states of Nevada and Pennsylvania. She has 10 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults overcome anxiety and trauma. Although  expertise in suicide and crisis assessment, although, if severe, these concerns may require linkage to more intensive supports. 


Individual Counseling

Choosing the right therapist can be as difficult as choosing the right pair of shoes. You want them to be compatible and comforting, yet stable and strong enough to see you through your journey. I am dedicated to providing a safe, transformative space for individuals to explore what keeps them stuck. 

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Child Counseling

Sometimes little humans need support with big emotions. Through counseling, children can learn how to recognize and understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I utilize screen-sharing to facilitate therapeutic games and activities to keep children engaged in Telehealth sessions, while providing a caring, warm space for youth to express themselves. 

Effective child counseling requires balanced collaboration with caregivers or other natural supports. Together, we will explore how to best support your family while respecting your child's privacy and the therapeutic relationship.


Group Counseling

Group counseling offers a supportive space with others going through the similar challenges. If you are interested in attending a future counseling group, please fill out a contact form at the bottom of this page.

I have facilitated group counseling on the following topics

mental health diagnosis support

relapse prevention and addiction

reducing stress and anxiety

medication management

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